About Us
We love art, so we offer a variety of tattooing and beautification services at affordable rates.

About Permanent Record Ink

Permanent Record Ink was founded in 2019 with the goal in mind to bring the art of tattooing and the beautification together in one place. We do what we do because we love art and we love helping people feel better about themselves, whether it’s by adding art to their bodies or removing a no longer desirable tattoo or tightening and reducing scarred skin.
We have over 50 years of experience of body beautification and helping people achieve their desires of how they want to look. The uniqueness of our business model is removing the stigma that tattoos are only for felons, gang members, and drug addicts.
Permanent Record Ink offers a variety of services at affordable rates so our customers can get what they ask for without going broke in the process. We strive to exceed every customer’s expectation by providing quality artwork and body treatment, coupled with actually listening and caring about them.